The IB Diploma at Nymphenburger Schulen

The IB - introducing a wealth of opportunities

What is the Core?

Assessment and grading in the IB Diploma Programme

Checklist for students: Should I go for it?

1My grade average of all subjects is 2.5 or better.Y/N
2I stick to tasks once I have started them even when I encounter difficulties. 1/2/3
3I am very organized and a good manager of my time. I am good at being punctual and keeping deadlines.1/2/3
4I enjoy working with others in group assignments and projects. 1/2/3
5I am very communicative and always play an active role in class discussions.1/2/3
6I am well aware that being an IB DP student means improving my chances but is also a considerable amount of extra work.1/2/3
7I want to be in touch with the local community and find ways to apply my strengths by helping others.1/2/3
8I respond to criticism with reflective appreciation and work on changing my attitude according to the advice given.1/2/3
9When I come across problems I seek active help from the beginning in order to cope and improve my performance.1/2/3
10I will make doing the Abitur AND the IB DP the absolute priority in my life for my final two years at school.1/2/3