... because it is the most important decision for your child's future

Living and learning together

School means living and learning in a community. We strive to create open and supportive atmosphere for our pupils and teachers alike. We make time to listen to our pupils and guide them through overcoming their challenges. Of course small-sized classes are a must to achieve this. Co-operation with our active parent community is vital for creating positive learning as well.

The all-day-school concept

An all-day school offers more than just “school”: it builds in flexibility and movement throughout the day. Variety and change establish the rhythm of our daily activities. We alternate between lessons and free time as well as learn in a range of ways from independent project work, to teams and to classes.

Written excercises at school

Our pupils have time to do “homework” at school. How so? We integrate time for homework into our school day. With no more than 25 pupils per class, we have time and resources to devote attention to written work during the school day. This integrated concept makes homework at home very rare. Additionally, from year six to nine, we monitor progress in extremely small groups-- so called Lernateliers. Pupils deepen their knowledge with the help of specially trained teachers to supervise and inspire their learning.

Developing individual interests

We offer a wide range of courses to foster our pupils’ love of learning and individual interests (Neigungsangebot). Pupils can choose from pottery, wood-work, music, climbing, table-tennis, reading, hip-hop and jazz. In addition, students from class seven onwards can select from a variety (Arbeitsgemeinschaften) of more challenging work-shops such as: playing the electric guitar, or the  didgeridoos, singing in a choir, playing a djembe, jazz-dance, audio-engineering and many more.

Rich school environment

Our program is enriching and diverse. For us, school is much more than just learning facts. It is also about gaining expertise and social skills. Above all, it is a place to feel at home. Our aim is to help young people develop into well-educated and responsible adults who can think independently.

The most important decision for your child’s future

Our aim is to further the potential of our pupils in a supportive environment. Not only do we offer a solid education, but we also teach our students to act in a socially responsible way. At the same time we encourage them to cultivate their opinions while respecting those of others and so to prepare them to be leaders in our globalized society.

The Nymphenburger Schulen – Our roots

Our school is an all-day school with a long tradition. It was founded by Ernst Adam, a Munich priest who looked after many of the city's children who were unable to attend school at the end of The Second World War. Ernst Adam started teaching them in his private home and opened a grammar school later. He believed that each lesson is also a contribution to moral education and that children should learn self-reliance, respect, social responsibility and tolerance, too.

Society in transition - School in transition

At the Nymphenburger Schulen we take a holistic view of the individual student. We educate to stimulate imagination, creativity, joy of life and learning. Our extra curriculum lets each pupil discover their own hidden talents and strengths. Today’s fast paced world requires not only the ability to orientate oneself quickly in the midst of constant change, but also to embrace these changes which bring new challenges and opportunities. We pride ourselves on being able to support our students in the process of developing their own understanding and opinions, while at the same time helping them to welcome
unfamiliar concepts and perspectives.

Nourishing environment

Learning takes place not only in class but outside as well: we use nature, our immediate community and social gatherings with experts from various fields to further and complement our students’ education. By exposing pupils to various ideas, trends and life-styles that help broaden their own understanding of the outside world, we are preparing them for the most important part of their school years: life after school.   

Upon leaving school, students encounter a world which demands flexibility, international mobility, and readiness to develop one’s potential further. Our school strives to prepare its pupils for just such a world. Of course knowledge and facts are important, but so is the ability to apply them to make a positive impact. We hope that our students will grow to value and adopt this paradigm as they embark on their own journey into the world.